Watch Our Supercut Of Every M.A.S.K. Agent Call-up From The Animated Series (VIDEO)

The M.A.S.K. agent call-up sequence is one the most recognized and remembered elements of the animated series. Once it was determined that V.E.N.O.M. was involved with the plot of the episode, you could always (well, almost always) count on M.A.S.K.'s leader Matt Trakker linking up with the Boulder Hill computer to select the best agents for the mission.

This selection typically showed scenes of the M.A.S.K. agents in their everyday lives. Each agent chosen would receive an alert on their special wristwatches and then immediately report to Boulder Hill for the mission. Most of the time, these call-up scenes were intended to be humorous for the young audience watching the show, but it also highlighted the fact that each agent's identity was kept secret.

We've put together a supercut video of EVERY call-up scene from the animated series for your viewing pleasure! There were a total of 137 unique scenes which when spliced altogether, it leaves over 21 minutes of footage. At the very end of the video, we've compiled a few stats for the credits. I'm sure at a later time we will probably discuss the best/worst moments on a MASKast Chat podcast, but in the meantime, tell us your favorites in the comments!


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