EXCLUSIVE: Comic Book Concept Art From Mike Quackenbush (Part Three)

Our exclusive coverage of pro wrestler Mike Quackenbush and his #MASKcrusade to write the next M.A.S.K. comic book series concludes with the third part of his concept art. Our previous look featured the image now with pencils and inks to show more detail into the scene with M.A.S.K. agents encountered by the effects of Miles Mayhem's Switchblade helicopter.

Mike's vision for a new IDW-published comic book series gets passed the sometimes light-hearted stories in the original animated series and showcases "V.E.N.O.M. looming like a massive threat our heroes must overcome."

In this 3rd stage of the image, we see the final product in glorious color:

To really give this some pop, Doug asked Jeremy Colwell to color his pencils and inks, and I’m thrilled with the results. You can sense the danger that Hondo, Matt and Brad are in at this moment, the oppressive force of the sand being whipped up around them, exposed by this glaring light. They’re in real trouble here. Switchblade is so imposing here.
There’s little doubt in my mind that Hasbro is looking for updated versions of the vehicles, the masks, the costumes, all of it. We’ve all seen some of that new concept art that’s been floating around. But I’d like to start from the familiar, with the players we already know and love. Then, find story-driven reasons to upgrade and modify things. No one batted an eyelash when Firecracker got blown up in the cartoon, only to be replaced with Hurricane. We can all accept that. But I’m sure none of us want to see all the original concepts and characters just tossed aside arbitrarily. These changes need to be done with forethought and care. - Mike

Thanks to Mike for allowing us to post this exclusive reveal! We also thank you M.A.S.K. fans for your continued interest and support in this exciting time. Please leave comments below or better yet, tweet @MikeQuackenbush with your thoughts and be sure to include hashtag #MASKcrusade.

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