More Live-Action Movie Concept Images Based On Our Actor Polls

Last year we asked our AOM followers to recast our live-action screenplay. After the results came in, I asked a talented M.A.S.K. colleague to render the chosen actors into their respective roles. We initially posted Matt Trakker, Brad Turner, and Vanessa Warfield to our Movie Pitch page and now were back with more images!

Before we get to the images, I'm proud to recognize our talented colleague as Bjorn Korthof of DJ Force Weapons Forge! Bjorn's talents first caught my eye with a brilliant Matt Trakker cosplay and also his wife as Vanessa Warfield. Adding the vehicles and visual effects to the photos was something I had not seen before for M.A.S.K. cosplay and was really impressed. I asked Bjorn if he would lend his skills to our live-action concept photos and thankfully, he agreed. Bjorn's passion for M.A.S.K. extends beyond cosplay as he also designs custom weapons and pieces for action figures! The DJ Force Weapons Forge store on Shapeways contains plenty of custom pieces to make your M.A.S.K. (and Masters of the Universe) collection really stand out.

I'm really excited to reveal three more live-action movie character concepts beginning with the fearless leader of V.E.N.O.M., Miles Mayhem!

Brian Cox was chosen as Miles Mayhem when we held the recast poll and from the image above, it seems perfect. Also after recently re-watching Pixels in which Cox plays a general in the US President's cabinet, I think he could really pull it off.

After initially choosing Emily Deschanel for Gloria Baker, the fans voted for Cobie Smolders as their favorite actress in the recast poll. Bjorn did an outstanding job with the uniform in the image above. I can also picture her quite well as Gloria especially with the hairdo style pictured.

Finally, we have Adrian Brody as Sly Rax! The recast polling actually picked Johnny Depp for the part by a very slim 2% margin. After discussing with Bjorn, Brody seemed like the better fit and the outcome is fantastic.

There are still more characters from our screenplay that we want included in this live-action concept portfolio. Dusty Hayes, Alex Sector, Bruce Sato, Cliff Dagger, Bruno Shepard, and Nash Gorey will be revealed at a later time so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can view all the characters on our Movie Pitch page and also give us feedback about the images in the comments below.

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