Watch Retroblasting Review and Restore Their M.A.S.K. Collection (VIDEO)

The Retroblasting channel on YouTube has released several videos on M.A.S.K. and its Kenner toyline. Their videos are both entertaining and insightful. Michael and Melinda have reviewed the animated series and even tackled the inconsistency with Hondo MacLean (which I'd highly recommend watching.)

Their latest review video goes in-depth with the M.A.S.K. toyline and why it's still very collectible after 30 years. Michael faces the biggest critism of the toys head on and gives a logical explaination of perhaps why Kenner chose a smaller scale than the popular 3.75" size. The video also shows some pictures of the restoration process for several vehicles in their personal collection. 

Check out the review video below. If you want more great videos on vintage toylines besides M.A.S.K., do yourself a favor and subscribe to Retroblasting!


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