MASKast 58: 'Chinese Scorpion' Review

Jason and Wyatt tackle M.A.S.K. episode #43 "The Chinese Scorpion" in the latest MASKast review. We're off to China for this adventure which features V.E.N.O.M. agent Bruno Sheppard disguising his Stinger vehicle as a giant iron scorpion. He kidnaps an archaeologist who supposedly knows the location of buried treasure inside the Great Wall of China. M.A.S.K. attempts to rescue the missing archaeologist and investigate the scorpion which destroys a village.

We'll give you an update in the "Get Your MASK On" community news segment on the big Giveaway winner, an awesome diorama created from a "Chinese Scorpion" scene and a quick update on the new website template. You'll get our usual play-by-play commentary with audio clips mixed in from the actual episode. Then we'll finish as usual with results from the poll and read back listener reviews of the episode. Join us once again for another fun-filled podcast review of the animated series!

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  1. I didn't get a chance to leave a comment before you recorded your review - so I thought I'd leave you two comments now.

    Firstly, Matt and Bruce head off to China after reports of a Giant Scorpion. Later, during the call up, the M.A.S.K. Computer selects Alex Sector due to his skills with exotic animals. That's fair enough, but why didn't Matt think to ask him along in the first instance?

    Surely if you are heading off into the unknown and the only information you have indicates that a large Scorpion is involved; don't you take your expert?

    Secondly, Sharon Noble has mentioned a number of times that she voiced all the female characters and the children (except, of course, Scott Trakker). Listening to this episode, the little boy, Lee, doesn't sound like Sharon. In fact, it does sound like a child speaking.

    Either Sharon was on her best game this episode - or a child actually voiced this character. I was wondering if maybe it was Brennan Thicke tried his hand at other voices, or maybe his little brother Robin was maybe in the studio that day.....

  2. Good point on Alex although Lee thanked Bruce for coming so that alluded to Bruce knowing him and Dr Choy personally which could be why he came.

    And yes, Lee did sound like another child actor. I wonder if anything might be indicated in the end credits? I might have to take a look. Good call.


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