M.A.S.K. Crashes The Union Of The Force Convention In Germany

We love seeing M.A.S.K. show up at conventions, especially like what happened last year at Retro Con! You might have notice over on Facebook that our fellow agent Carsten Sacher recently attended the Union of the Force Convention in Germany.

The convention is geared toward Star Wars, but that didn't stop Carsten from bringing along his 10 custom masks and the recently-completed diorama to show off for the crowd. He said many attendees were flooding with memories and remembered playing with M.A.S.K. toys long ago. Here are a few pictures from the con courtesy Basemental Props...

Carsten also plans to have a booth setup (and most likely full Matt Trakker cosplay) at German Comic Con this December which had 30,000 attendees last year! We are definitely looking forward to seeing some pictures from that show later this year. Thank you Carsten for representing M.A.S.K. so well to the German fans!

If you've spotted M.A.S.K. at a convention booth or even cosplay, let us know and we'll feature your pictures on our website.

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