Here's A Perspective On Why You Should Preorder The New M.A.S.K. Comics

As with most franchises that get remade or rebooted, there are fans with differing opinions when it comes to the new version. M.A.S.K. has been no different since the announcements of the new IDW comic series and Revolution. Frankly, it's everyone's God-given right to form an opinion and I personally like hearing different perspectives from fellow fans. However, being a diehard fan of M.A.S.K., the negative opinions already expressed has given me some concern over how the success (or failure) of the new series could ultimately affect the franchise moving forward.

Hasbro has announced that M.A.S.K. will be part of their cinematic universe project. But will that stall out if sales for Revolution and the new comic series are down? Would it get a second chance if it does? I'd like to believe it would continue but again, here I am looking through my Spectrum superfan vision.

I recently received a message from a fellow M.A.S.K. fan Darren Gregson, whose artwork we've previously featured on the AOM website. Darren has worked in comic book retail and felt compelled to share his unique perspective on the new comics...

"I am not an expert, but I have experience working in comic book retail. There are a few things I feel compelled to communicate regarding the new M.A.S.K. comic. The IDW Revolution is coming and I highly recommend you ALL pre-order or subscribe to the mini-series and the new M.A.S.K. comic. The following explains why.

Comic sales for 2016 are down from last year, especially in North America. Retailers are going out of business. This means that your local comic shop may order conservatively on titles they are unsure of selling. Or worst of all, no copies at all. It all depends on your shops budget and known demographics of course.

Regarding the M.A.S.K. comic specifically, I see several possible scenarios playing out over the next few months. Please be aware that I am only considering first issue sales at this point. Also, keep in mind that a comics print run is usually based on retailer orders or slightly higher.

Scenario 1: M.A.S.K. Revolution #1 (published in September) and regular series #1 (published in November) both have good print runs and sell out. Everybody gets a copy of the book. Loyal fans, lapsed fans and new readers. And readers come back for more! This scenario would be great for everybody.

Scenario 2: The comic sells out only because of loyal fan interest and nostalgia from lapsed fans. We get lower sales figures than scenario one, but hopefully they stabilize with the following issues and are good enough for IDW to continue publishing a M.A.S.K. comic.

Scenario 3: The comic quickly sells out because it was under ordered, demand is higher and you cannot find a copy on the shelf. Then this happens. There is a speculator market for comics. People buy up cover priced comics to sell at a profit on ebay. Especially first issues. And if you are looking on ebay to buy a comic after it has sold out at the retailer and distributor level, you will likely be paying inflated prices, plus shipping.

Finally, my worst case scenario (I really didn't want to write this one): It doesn't sell enough and eventually gets cancelled.The End. No more M.A.S.K. comics. And this could easily happen. It happens all the time! Even to Marvel and DC.

We all know that M.A.S.K. was never as popular as Transformers and G.I. Joe. and those properties comic sales have decreased over the years. And this is why we have Revolution. IDW needed to increase their sales and market share. We all love M.A.S.K., however at this stage it is difficult to gauge just how popular the comic will be outside of our loyal fandom.

So, find your LCS and pre-order the books you want. Because pre-orders and subscriptions are the life blood of any comic shop. Guarantee your copy to avoid disappointment and give retailers the confidence to order more for their shelves. Which hopefully will put the book into the hands of new fans. Help to make this series a success and give IDW the courage to produce multiple M.A.S.K. titles and varied series that will please everybody and keep the brand alive.

Thank you for reading

One last thing. IDW also makes board games. They publish art books. And likely much much more!"

Thank you Darren for reaching out! It's only been in the last few years that I've gotten into comics and try to visit my local shop at least once a month to support their cause. Darren's charge to at least purchase the first issues of M.A.S.K. and Revolution I think is valid no matter what opinion you might have so far.

These new comics will be the first official sighting of M.A.S.K. since the one-off Unit-E comic book that surfaced in 2011. Combined with the G.I. Joe Specialist Trakker figure released in 2008, these two teasers total everything officially released under Hasbro in decades of owning the franchise. I agree with Darren that if we want more than just a M.A.S.K. sighting every half decade, at the very least we need to buy the first issues at your local comic shop. Then, BE ACTIVE! Share your feedback and opinions among the fan community and more importantly, to Hasbro and IDW!

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