M.A.S.K. Appears 5 Times In 2017 Hasbro Toy Fair Investor Presentation

Last year, you might remember that Hasbro teased an image of their cinematic universe to their investors at NY Toy Fair. Today, I listened to their Toy Fair investor presentation for 2017 and was eager to find or hear about our favorite acronymed franchise. Unfortunately, M.A.S.K. nor any word of the cinematic universe project was mentioned.

While M.A.S.K. wasn't addressed directly, the classic version of the logo did show up in several slides...four slides to be exact! In July 2015, you might remember that M.A.S.K. showed up as a "new" brand in Hasbro's overview presentation. M.A.S.K. has retained that title with its largest appearance in the "Emerging Brands" slide (headline image above) again under the "New Brands" with Hani Zuki, Stretch Armstrong, and Micronauts. While the logo showed up in the same fashion over a few more slides, the "Consumer Products" portion of the presentation showed a glimpse of several comic books. The M.A.S.K. Revolution #1 cover is arranged with a great view in the upper right corner of the slide...

I've got to say, I'm disappointed we didn't get at least a tease of the HCU or M.A.S.K. considering the writing room announcements in 2016, plus the development of IDW's Revolution and M.A.S.K. comics. It's been nearly two years now that M.A.S.K. has been a "new brand" with no direct answers or timeline from Hasbro on a new movie, TV series, or toys.

However, all hope is not lost! Considering the magnitude of NY Toy Fair, Hasbro's intent is to share progress of their worldwide brands with investors. That means their "emerging brands" like M.A.S.K. might be best revealed at Hascon this September. Given the limitations at a large event like Toy Fair, Hasbro will likely be able to share (or even reveal) more on the emerging brands at their own event.

So, keep the faith M.A.S.K. agents! Definitely set your watches for Hascon this September. Otherwise, we'll keep you posted on any developments.

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