M.A.S.K. Annual #1 Now Available in Comic Shops and Digital Download

The first annual comic for IDW's M.A.S.K. series is here! Earlier this week, Comic Book Resources gave us a preview of M.A.S.K. Annual #1 which hits local comic shops and digital download today. While there is a new writing and artist team, the extended 49-page comic appears to remain as part of the Revolution universe created by IDW. Here is the official synopsis:

The M.A.S.K and G.I. Joe teams are put to the ultimate test as they join forces in a desperate, world-spanning, quest to keep V.E.N.O.M from harnessing the power of a stolen meteorite before its strange power can be used to dominate the world! 

  • The Annual Offensive is here!
  • Re-imagining the original television pilot, “The Deathstone”, for the new comic book age!
  • The origin of Cliff Dagger revealed!

STORY BY David A. Rodriguez
COLORS BY John-Paul Bove
LETTERS BY Gilberto Lazcano
COVERS BY Andrew Griffith and Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos

M.A.S.K. Annual #1 will feature 2 covers including the regular cover by Andrew Griffith and subscription variant cover by Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos. Griffith's cover features classic versions of Thunder Hawk and Switchblade in battle with Scarlett from G.I. Joe shooting her crossbow from the passenger seat. In Burgos' cover, we see interpretations of V.E.N.O.M. agents Mayhem, Vanessa, and Rax with classical drawn M.A.S.K. vehicles in pursuit. From page 2 of the new book, here is a guide to the covers and creative team:

Visit your local comic shop today (find one here) or download digitally from IDW PublishingAmazonGoogle Play, or Comixology. We encourage our fellow fans to pickup a copy today and share their opinions in the comments below or on our social media outlets.

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