MASKast Season 5 Review: Episodes 41-50

Way back in December 2015, we began "Season 5" of MASKast and we've FINALLY completed our reviews of episodes 41-50! In our upcoming MASKast 66 podcast, we will journey back over our ratings and reviews of each episode before we move forward in the series.

We will be including our favorite (and least favorite moments) from each episode, our personal ratings and polling results and some comparison statistics on how these ten episodes fared against the first 40 episodes of the series. We’ll also reflect on some of the special podcasts we released over the course of the last year or so and then finally preview season 6 of MASKast.

For this overview podcast, we are asking our listeners to vote for the episodes that were your favorites. It's one of the rare times in our polls where you are allowed to vote multiple times!! So vote as many times as you like and then tell us in the comments why you chose those episodes...


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