New Boulder Hill Replacement Sticker Set Includes Details From Animated Series!

Earlier this month, we had a link posted to our Facebook page about a sticker upgrade project for the Boulder Hill playset. Philip Davis has put together a full replacement and upgrade set which includes fun new stickers that showcases the energy room, Matt's shuttle tube from the Trakker mansion, and computer details from the animated series!

The new sticker set also includes graphics from the agent call-up sequence, Dwayne Kennedy from the P.N.A., the Boulder Hill sign logo as seen in the animated series, and even a Brad Turner rock concert poster. As a bonus in Davis' sticker set, they are stickers upgrades for the Volcano and Gator vehicles. Check out this YouTube video that showcases these unique new stickers to give your Boulder Hill playset a fun new look...

More pictures and detailed instructions for the replacement sticker set can be found at the Straight Jacket Productions website. You can also order the stickers from this Ebay link. Thanks to Philip Davis for sharing his creation with us. It's great to see fans adding and even improving the M.A.S.K. universe in 2018!

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