MASKast 67: 'Dragon Fire' Review

Jason and Wyatt begin season 6 of MASKast with a review of M.A.S.K. episode #51 "Dragon Fire". VENOM visits Borneo to seek a lost dragon temple. M.A.S.K. attempts to stop them from stealing a black market fortune in jade as the temples reveals its hidden secrets. Our review includes play-by-play commentary plus audio clips mixed in from the actual episode.

We breaks the ice by looking back an old M.A.S.K.-like TV show called "Highwayman". Our community news segment "Get Your MASK On" will get you up-to-date on everything in the M.A.S.K. fandom. Plus, we'll also reveal the results from our poll and read back listener reviews.

YouTubers can watch our complete Google Hangout recording session including some pre and post show commentary on the AgentsofMASK channel or watch the embedded video below.

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