Paramount Teaming With HASBRO To Make A M.A.S.K. Film Franchise!!

Just months after speculation surfaced that a M.A.S.K. film franchise was dead, it appears that is NOT the case! Deadline is reporting our beloved franchise WILL BE DEVELOPED into a live-action film franchise for Paramount and HASBRO. Director F. Gary Gray (The Fate and the FuriousMen in Black reboot) has signed a deal to direct the film.

According to the story, HASBRO and Gray will "move quickly to set a writer to hatch a contemporary subculture movie with a youth empowerment angle." Gray also "sparked to M.A.S.K. because it is a vintage property that could be revamped and have something to say to a contemporary audience." No other details were released in the exclusive story.

WOW! MEGA WOW! UNBELIEVABLE! Our moment has finally arrived as a fan base. We are getting a live-action movie! It's something Wyatt and I have dreamed about for a decade and it's finally coming to fruition.

But this is just the beginning! Now the speculation begins on how M.A.S.K. will be written for today's culture, how much of the original content will be included, and of course, what actors will be hired to portray the characters on the big screen. Just think, new M.A.S.K. toys could be on shelves in the next  I can't wait to hear what my fellow fans have to say about this announcement. Please leave a comment with your reaction...

Cover image via Tracking Board