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Retro Con 2018: Walk Through Video

We had the awesome opportunity to attend Retro Con 2018 this past weekend in Oaks, PA. Our highlight of the trip was meeting up with our pal Bill Faries of and hanging out with him at the show and having lunch. We got to film a fun video with him after lunch which we'll debut soon, but Bill also took the opportunity to live stream a walk through!

If you've never been to Retro Con, the main attraction (at least for me) is the hundreds of vendor tables setup with vintage toys and retro collectibles. This year, it seemed there were many more vendor tables with M.A.S.K. items than in the past. We saw plenty of loose vehicles and one vendor had a box full of figures. Other vendors even had boxed and carded items. We also saw the birthday party items, the board game, both lunchboxes, and the Ultraflash Halloween costume in the box.

Bill has added the live stream video as part of season 2 of his Behind the M.A.S.K. video series. He has a brief introduction and then you'll see our scavenger hunt through Retro Con. We found alot of great stuff (even beyond M.A.S.K. items) that you won't want to miss. Our thanks to Tony and the Retro Con team for putting on another great show! Find more information about Retro Con at the website.

Check out our video below and make sure you subscribe to the Matt Trakker YouTube channel!


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