Voice Actor Sharon Noble Creates GoFundMe for Husband Brendan McKane's Cancer Fund

Sad news to pass along M.A.S.K. fans. We just learned recently that our beloved voice actor Sharon Noble has taken to GoFundMe for help with her husband's medical bills. He is of course, Brendan McKane, who also voiced several characters on M.A.S.K. include the arch-villain Miles Mayhem.

Wyatt and I have had the pleasure of interviewing them both on MASKast 53 and they were so gracious with their time. They've been interactive with the fan community for years and are now asking for your help with medical costs adding up from Brendan's mesothelioma.

Here is Sharon's words from the GoFundMe page:
My husband, Brendan McKane, who originally voiced the characters Miles Mayhem, Alex Sector, Floyd Malloy, Jacques LaFleur, and Nevada Rushmore, on the M.A.S.K cartoon series in 1985 has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, a type of lung cancer that is caused by being exposed to asbestos when he was 18 years old. Looking for adventure, he went to sea and worked on a tramp steamer going around the world. He worked in the boiler room were he came in contact with asbestos every day, but at that time no one knew it caused lung cancer. He is now being treated with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation at the the UCLA Lung Cancer Center in Santa Monica, California where his medical bill is already over $102,000. We have Medicare health insurance, and it is paying its share, but it doesn't cover everything, and our Social Security checks are not enough to fill in the gaps. He can't work anymore, and I am his sole caregiver. A Home Care nurse comes three times a week to drain liquid out of his lung so he can breathe better, and I'm learning how to do it myself. He still very much enjoys hearing from fans from the old days, hoping that they tell the stories to their children or maybe show the YouTube videos to their children to keep the series alive. We are still friends with the other actors from the series, and we have very happy memories of those days when we were young and working at the job we love so much. I say we because I am Sharon Noble, and I voiced all the women, all the children (except Scott), and all the animals. I have set our goal at $5,000, but whatever you choose would be very welcome. The doctors tell us they expect his surgery will be two weeks in the hospital and two-three months recovery at home.
We are asking M.A.S.K. fans everywhere to please give generously for their well-being and also as a thank you for the joy they've brought us for over 35 years now from their work on the M.A.S.K. animated series. Use the GoFundMe button below to give...

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