Reflecting on Retrocon: Friendships


There's something about friendships gained...

A little over 5 years ago, myself and Jason Gross were invited to join Bill Faries to host a celebrity panel with voice actor Doug Stone.

As a young boy around 9-10 years old, also a typical kid who enjoyed watching my fair share of cartoons, I sometimes pondered about who the characters really were. Mental questions included: Were they real?  Was it a different person?  Did they look the same like wear the clothing depicted?
Between my childhood and 5 years ago, I began to look up voice actors and learned who the person was behind the voice.  Fast forward to my late 30s and a fan of the 80s era, I never truly thought to step out into the conventions "cons" to go see a favorite celebrity or walk through the tables until the invitation was given by Tony R. Tuski.

Up to this point, I often thought I'd never be the person who would call out or chase down a celebrity if I happened to see them in a convention or spotting them in a restaurant. I still consider myself not to be "that person."

However, in 2013, Jason and I had the honor to speak with Doug over Skype for an interview for MASKast.  It was a delight to speak with him and learn what it was like for him to work for the cartoon M.A.S.K.  Jumping to 2015, the chance to welcome him to Retrocon, to work alongside him during the panel, and to continue talking afterwards is still one of those awesome memories ingrained in my memory.

During Retrocon 2015, the thrill of meeting not only Doug, but Bill Faries and then to visit with other celebrities of the 80s to include John Moschitta Jr (Mr Micro Machines), Larry Kenny (Lion-O- Thundercats, Bluegrass-Silverhawks, Cocoa Puffs Kookoo Bird), and Michael Bell (Lance-Voltron, Handy Smurf, Prowl/Sideswipe/Scrapper-Transformers, Duke-GI Joe) was a thrilling experience.

Yet, I can honestly say I gained 2 friends that day: Doug Stone and Bill Faries.  Thank you gents!


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