Remember reading and following along with audiobooks as a kid? I remember owning a few Read-Along Adventures books that came with a story book and an accompanying 45 record. They included He-Man & the Masters of the Universe and Scooby-Doo, but I never had any M.A.S.K. audiobooks.

Well, a recent discovery on YouTube led me on a hunt to find what M.A.S.K. audio books were released in the '80s. I previously knew that a Mission: Meteor story book existed, because I was able to purchase one a couple years ago as I began my own collection of memorabilia. I assumed more were released but never really researched what was available until now.

What I found out this past week was a YouTube video featuring the audio to my storybook! Thanks to YouTube users Fang1701 and Der Lauscher Treff, and the website Discogs, I was able to piece together the following M.A.S.K. library of audiobooks. It appears most of the English versions were released in the U.K., but Discogs also shows my book as being released in the United States. I also found several released in Germany and a couple in France.

Mission: Meteor
Mission: Meteor was released in 1986 under the Golden label. The story book came with an audio cassette featuring the story on side A and "record your own story" on side B. Most of you will recognize this story as an adapted version of episode 1 "The Deathstone" from the animates series.

M.A.S.K.: 4 Fabulous Adventure Story Books
The Tempo label released a 4-volume set of M.A.S.K. story books along with a longplay audio cassette in 1987. Three of the stories can be found online including Car Wars, Volcano of V.E.N.O.M., and Mask-A-Raid:

A fourth story was titled "Double Double Cross," but could not find it online.

Adventures of M.A.S.K.
The next series of stories comes from a collection released in the U.K. in 1987. The Adventures of M.A.S.K. audiobook contains four separate stories that apparently were also released as hardbacks. The stories seem to be spliced from different hardback collections, so maybe one of our U.K. agents can share some more information on this particular audiobook. The stories include "The Crystallizer", "Underwater Mayhem", "Robots of Mayhem", and  "Mayhem's Monster Madness."

Secret of the Andes
Also available is Secret of the Andes which was produced in the U.K. in 1988. It also is an adapted version of cartoon episode 26. I couldn't find much information of this audiobook and wonder if more were produced based on cartoon episodes.

German Audiobooks
German agents will be happy to know that 13 audiobooks are available on YouTube via user Der Lauscher Treff! What's great about this collection is it appears some are unique stories (or could be just the translation.) Other titles appear obvious story adaptations from the cartoon. Click the titles below to listen in German...
  1. The Deadly Meteor (Der Tödliche Meteor)
  2. The Mysterious Monastery (Das Geheimnisvolle Kloster)
  3. The Treasure Of Kublai Khan (Der Schatz Des Kublai Khan)
  4. The Miniature Machine (Die Miniaturmaschine)
  5. The Raid In Glühwürmchengrotte (Der Überfall In Der Glühwürmchengrotte)
  6. The Revenge Of The Bank Director (Die Rache Des Bankdirektors)
  7. The Oscillation Bomb (Die Schwingungsbombe)
  8. The Star Cars (Der Sternenwagen)
  9. The Lizards Gods (Die Eidechsengötter)
  10. The Rotek Beetle (Die Rotek Käfer)
  11. The Track of the Money Conterfeiter (Die Spur Des Geldfälschers)
  12. The Dangerous Rocket Satellite (Der Gefährliche Raketensatellit)
  13. Assault on The Statue of Liberty (Anschlag Auf Die Freiheitsstatue)
The covers featured in this German collection are very unique and can be seen on the Discogs website. I plan to pin the images to our Pinterest page.

French Audio Releases
Discogs list two French releases of M.A.S.K. which includes a 7" vinyl record and an audiocassette. The record was actually a single of the M.A.S.K. theme! Side A featured the theme sung by Noam & Nick Carr with side B a track called "The Knights of Our Time" which might have been another theme song? (Help me out, French agents!)

The 2nd release was a two story cassette titled 2 Histoires featuring "Mission Destruction" and "The Complete Infamy of V.E.N.O.M." I couldn't find these available online, but thought I'd share the info via the Discogs.Com website.
Feel free to add any I missed and would appreciate your help to fill in the gaps I noted above.
Last year, we came across a few Lego creations for M.A.S.K. and well, the list continues to grow. As I was thumbing through Google images, I came across a few more creations that I thought we should share with you.
To welcome us through our article is the infamous crew, those scoundrels we hate to love or love to hate, the agents of VENOM.
Next on our list are the super bikes of the series, Piranha and Condor complete with their masked pilots.
Preparing to jump into Lake Mead for a fishing trip is Dusty with Gator.
But wait, Dagger and Torch are preparing to intercept Dusty's fishing trip with Jackhammer.
Here we have Matt, Scott, and TBob preparing for a little jaunt in Thunderhawk.
Finally, we have Rhino with Bruce and Matt preparing for another day at the battlefield.

With all of the artistry and talent out there...Hasbro, we are ready for a revitalization of Mobile Armored Strike Kommand! It's time to energize!

Flickr Image Credit: Alex Jones, Hobbestimus, Ralph S
It's been forever since we released an excerpt from our screenplay! We figured it would be the perfect time to reveal a new scene as well as formerly announce our new profile on the FanFiction.Net website

Last week, we told you about the many fanfiction stories available and that we were considering creating our own profile. Well, Agents of M.A.S.K. is officially on FanFiction.Net and have posted our three previous excerpts along with a brand new one just today!

Excerpt #4 revolves around Dusty Hayes. In our screenplay, Dusty is a former employee of Trakker Oil who decides to resign his position and follow his dream of opening his own pizzeria restaurant. Of course, this is different from his persona in the M.A.S.K. animated series as just a guy working at a pizzeria. 

In this revealed scene, Matt invites Dusty along with Gloria, Brad, and Alex to dinner at his mansion. Afterward, Matt asks Dusty if he'd be willing to join the team.

Read Excerpt #4 on FanFiction.Net

Feel free to leave a review with your comments. We also encourage M.A.S.K. fans to read more stories by other authors on the FanFiction.Net website.
For those of you not familiar with the term, a remix is editing or recreating a song to sound different from its original version. I'm not a huge fan of remix songs, but I do appreciate the time and effort that are put into making them. I mostly view them as tributes to the original track by the producer.

I've encountered several remixes of the M.A.S.K. theme over the last several years. We even use one of the remixes listed below on MASKast for background music. So I thought I'd compile my favorite tracks and showcase some talented M.A.S.K. fans.

This first track by DJ Tee is the "hip hop" version we use in the opening and closing of MASKast. I stumbled onto this track a couple years ago now and was the first remix I really enjoyed.

Boulder-Hill.Net features a couple remix tracks on its media page. One of them is "M.A.S.K. 2006" by Monkey Hands which features audio clips from the cartoon. The new beat mixed with the M.A.S.K. theme opening makes for a fun track.

"V.E.N.O.M." by zerosignal is a track I literally just discovered when I was researching for this story. It's a very interesting track that is almost split in half with remixes of the M.A.S.K. and V.E.N.O.M. themes.

The next track I discovered just this year and even shared it on our Facebook page. French artist Square Tune Magician has produced a techno remix of the M.A.S.K. theme along with mesmerizing visuals for a complete club experience.

And speaking of techno, another track you can find on Boulder-Hill.Net is the "M.A.S.K. Theme Remix" by DJ Force. This track has more of a synthesized sound with an up-tempo techno beat. I'm a fan of '80s new wave and retrowave so I really dig this remix.

"Roteks" by J:Kenzo is not a remix per se, but I decided to include it. "Masked" within the haunting beat are clips from the "Roteks" episode of the animated series. You can hear the sound effects of the bugs along with soundbytes of Alex Sector and P.N.A. director Duane Kennedy.

Also previously posted on our Facebook page is this track by Tedman simply titled "M.A.S.K. 8 bit." It sounds like it could've been featured on one of Spectrum ZX video games released in the '80s.

The final remix is by another French producer who calls himself Phenix '80. This instrumental track could easily become the theme for a rebooted M.A.S.K. animated series. It has a very classic '80s keyboard and guitar sound but it also sounds fresh and new at the same time.

Leave a comment below with your favorite remix and be looking for a story in the near future on the best M.A.S.K. theme cover songs. (That is, a list of the best recreations of the original theme with lyrics.)
After a very long layoff, MASKast triumphantly returns to review the US series 1 comic books! Jason and Wyatt welcome back Erik from Boulder-Hill.Net to discuss our favorites from the 4-issue set. The podcast features an overview of each story, a roundtable discussion of our personal likes/dislikes, and comparisons to the animated series.

Stream the podcast below or download the mp3 directly to listen.

If you enjoy the podcast, please rate and leave a review on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. If you haven't connected yet with one of our podcast feeds, please click one of the images below. Catch up on past episodes by visiting our Mixcloud stream or download from our new archive.

It's time to channel your inner '80s child! Check out these scans of coloring book pages that I recently found on the web. I don't remember having a M.A.S.K. coloring book as a kid, so I was pretty happy to find these. According to the website, the creator scanned these and other pages from licensed books for a project.

5 pages are available including the familiar cover photo above taken from the Boulder Hill playset box art. Also available are two agent profiles, Brad Turner with the Hocus Pocus/Condor and Gloria Baker with Aura/Gator (what, no Shark?)
Next is a scene featuring Miles Mayhem with the Viper mask overlooking a hillside. The setting and the large cannon reminds me of the Video V.E.N.O.M. episode
The final page features a trio of M.A.S.K. vehicles including Thunderhawk, Rhino, and Condor.
Click on any of the images above to retrieve a larger image size for printing or visit the M.A.S.K. page on Keith's Coloring Book website.

Fan Fiction is a story written by fans inside the realm of an original work, generally not authorized by the original author and rarely published. However, it doesn't mean that these unauthorized works don't go unnoticed as some statistics show that Fan Fiction makes up 1/3 of the works currently available on the internet. Although some franchises like Star Wars publish official "expanded universe" stories, most diehard fans will still tell you that they enjoying reading works about their favorite characters from their peers.

As a M.A.S.K. writer myself, I recently took a trip over to FanFiction.Net and made a surprising discovery. Expecting just a few M.A.S.K. fanfic stories, my search pinged almost 70 stories! Some works have been published just this year while others date all the way back to 2001. I've also noticed that there are a couple authors that have published several entries.

While Fanfiction has essentially no limits, you can find a wide range of stories from episode quality to downright bizarre. But no matter what you are looking for, it's great to see fans taking the time to write new tales in the M.A.S.K. universe. Click the link below to read all of stories in the M.A.S.K. archive. I'm looking forward to reading them myself and possibly even publishing the movie script excerpts we've previously released on this site. 

Our ultimate goal and reason we started this website back in 2011 was to see M.A.S.K. again as a live-action movie. Although our aspirations began for this sole purpose, we recognize that any incarnation or reboot of the franchise in the present day would be very exciting. Seeing a new animated series, comics, toys, or a movie would achieve any fan's dream of bringing back M.A.S.K.!

For over a year, Wyatt and I have had the pleasure of interacting with fan and blogger Scott Crawford from the M.A.S.K. Comics blog. Scott has communicated several great ideas to us and his latest effort is a bold move that we support. He created a petition via Change.Org back in February to urge Hasbro to bring back M.A.S.K. as a live-action movie. Even though Scott has his own screenplay, We have both signed it to show our unified support for this effort. We've said for a long time that whether it's our script or someone else's that get made, we belive M.A.S.K. would be very successful in the present day.

So, as we launch our new fansite Agents of M.A.S.K., we implore all agents to take a few minutes to sign the Bring Back M.A.S.K. petition. Let's show Hasbro how much we still love the franchise! So far, there have been 160 people sign and would love that number to be in the thousands. Keep the momentum going by signing today and sharing with your friends!

Who knows, we could see something like this in the near future!
Image credit: Grant Shorter Art
After over three years of promoting ourselves as "M.A.S.K. the Movie", we felt is was time for a fresh start. Up to this point, we've had some general interest in our live-action movie script which was obviously our main motivation. But after being in the M.A.S.K. community for several years, we've decided to refocus our effort.

We will still be promoting our script, but we also recognize other M.A.S.K. movie efforts like those of the MASK Comics blog and the Bring Back M.A.S.K. petition. We've also become great friends with and Boulder-Hill.Net, two of the longest running M.A.S.K. fansites on the web. So, instead of focusing mainly on bringing M.A.S.K. to the big screen, we want our script to be an equal part in the new "Agents of M.A.S.K." brand.
You can read our new mission on the Objective Page. In summary, we want to promote M.A.S.K. in multiple ways and at the same time, work toward bringing the community of fans together. We plan to keep posting new material to the Agents of M.A.S.K. site and social media, offer a new email newsletter, and continue to produce new episodes of MASKast. Through these venues, we hope to not only promote our personal agenda, but also report and showcase M.A.S.K. information from around the web.

So the question remains, "why 'Agents of M.A.S.K.' as the new name?" Well, we brainstormed for awhile and then checked to see what domains were available. It wasn't intended to copy Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but the popularity of the show certainly aided in our decision to go with the name. We wanted something that represented who we are of the M.A.S.K. franchise. We also felt that any fan who has followed us over the past few years should also have the right to call themselves a fan or "agent." That is why we've created a badge for our fellow agents to display on their blogs/websites who join us in achieving our objective. The badge itself is inspired by the Boulder Hill roundtable in which agents gathered around to determine a plan and that also portrays our objective.

We invite you to explore our new website and tell us what you think in the comments below. It is a work in progress so expect improvements over the course of the next few months. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to interacting with our fellow M.A.S.K. fans in the future!
Wyatt and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We appreciate all of you for following the blog and the MASKast podcast in 2013. Sorry, we haven't had been able to devote more of our time this year. We both have had some major life events going on and our schedules are the main issue with not being able to pursue more podcasts.

We hope to bring you some gifts in 2014 by means of podcasts and interaction on the blog and social media. We are looking forward to finally recording a comics podcast in January with our pal Erik from the website. For now, we invite you to visit the comics page on his site to read up and also discover a recently posted Eagle Magazine comic with a Christmas-themed cover (shown above.)

In the meantime, here's to hoping Santa brought you all the M.A.S.K. toys you asked for and that everyone has a joyful holiday season!

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