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Script Excerpt #1

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Today we are pleased to bring you the first excerpt from our script. We are looking forward to sharing many more of these down the road.
From pages 30-31 of our script, this scene takes place in Matt Trakker's office at Trakker Oil. Matt has just finished up a meeting with Dusty Hayes. Alex Sector then stops by the office and they review some possible locations for a team headquarters (which we all know eventually as Boulder Hill.)

Matt takes a sip of his coffee from his Trakker Oil coffee mug.  As the door opens, Alex approaches the desk with a box in his hand.

You look like you’re up to your neck with some serious business, ol’ boy.

Actually, Alex, I started to think that we need to look for a home for our strike team.  I’m not sure how long we will be able to get away with using the oil company facilities before we start raising suspicion.  So, I had an idea to build a command center just outside the city limits.  It would have to be far enough out that no one would suspect or see anything, but close enough to respond.

Quite a good idea, chap.  Have you come up with any possibilities? 

Matt turns on the projection with the remote.

When my father started Trakker Oil, he had many service stations throughout the state.  I've probably looked over a hundred stations that he closed about twenty years ago but I came up with one location that I think will work very well for us.
(Pointing to the picture as he’s speaking)
According to my records, this station has been closed for twenty-two years but what I like about it, is the massive hill directly behind.

I like where you’re going with this, ol' boy.

You can see that this was an old repair shop garage too.  I believe we might be able to excavate behind the station and use the garage area as our pathway to and from the complex.  The station would remain in its present, rundown condition which makes it a very unsuspecting place. 

That will work beautifully.  I suggest you look into this location much further.
(Turns around)
Now, for the reason I stopped by.  I wanted to show you one of the masks I've been working on.

Alex opens the box and pulls a mask out.

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  1. I look forward to this movie when it is made. It definitely needs to be in 3-D.


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