Scott & T-Bob

Hello M.A.S.K. movie fans,

Way back on January 29th, we gave you a list of M.A.S.K. and V.E.N.O.M. agents that we have used in our script. One thing we didn't mention were some of the other characters. There are probably about a dozen other small roles in the script that I won't get into detail today, but I will tell you about two characters that we couldn't leave out!!

As we were writing the script, we both envisioned M.A.S.K. the movie as a large blockbuster type film that incorporated many emotions. Of course, we wanted a lot of action and suspense, but also the element of humor. In the cartoon, Scott Trakker and T-Bob were always used as the comic relief. Occasionally, they would be incorporated into an episode plot, but generally more as a way to laugh at the end of an episode.

We decided to use Scott and T-Bob in both of those ways in the movie script. During one scene, Scott introduces T-Bob to Matt, Alex, and Gloria. They generally provide some comic relief, but the scene is proved to be an important one in the script. Scott's invention of T-Bob also gives Matt some inspiration to further his vision of M.A.S.K. Toward the end of the movie, Scott and T-Bob are used in their typical stow-away role. As in the cartoon, Scott gets overly eager to help M.A.S.K. on their first real mission. 
Although, Scott and T-Bob aren't usually the first thing you think about when remembering the M.A.S.K. cartoon, but they were a fun familiar part of the show that we thought would provide some good laughs for the audience. 

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