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Spectrum Script Vision: Vehicles

Spectrum Script Vision: Vehicles

M.A.S.K. fans, today we bring you the first installment of Spectrum Script Vision, an in-depth view into the origins of our M.A.S.K. movie script. We've told you a little bit about the vehicles used in our script. Let's go a little deeper into our vision. Keep in mind, the goal of this post is to advise the fans, both old and new, of our M.A.S.K. vehicles. Many of the original M.A.S.K. TV show fans are concerned that ours will be like Transformers where the vehicles aren't what the original Transformers were. Well, we were very concerned about that and let us first address that concern.

We will not get too detailed on some vehicles as we want to keep a few surprises for you, the fan. However, we can tell you that all of the vehicles will nearly remain with the original story as possible. What do I mean by nearly? Well, we have done our best to preserve both the name and the vehicle, yet we have updated a few vehicles simply because our story does take place in the present time and not in the 80's. This does not mean, however, that we've pulled a "Michael Bay" and made Thunderhawk a Smart car or Rhino a Hummer. Rather, Thunderhawk remains as a mid-80's Camero, Gator is still a Jeep, Condor is a modern speed/sport bike, and Rhino is a modern long-nose truck. For VENOM, we mostly left them alone. All of their vehicles, except Switchblade, have been left in their 80's state. Switchblade is very much like the cartoon but because our story is starting with the beginnings of MASK, we modified it a bit. It's not extremely dramatic.

Here's what we want to convey to you all, especially the original MASK fans. Jason and I are dedicated to doing our absolute best to work with "Hollywood" to preserve our script as best as possible. Why our script? Like you, we want our vehicles and the storyline to remain as close to the cartoon as possible. We want the vehicles to be what they were. There will be modern versions of some of them, we wrote a few of those into the script and anticipate a few other updates. Nonetheless, we will fight to not butcher it like Transformers was.

Now, we'd like to hear from you about this particular post. Please feel free to ask us questions concerning the vehicles here on the blog or on our FB page, Please be aware, we cannot fully disclose the vehicles but we will do our best to answer your questions.

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