WEE-DOGGIE!! Dusty Hayes Poll Results

M.A.S.K. movie fans! Thanks for your participation in our June actor poll. We received a total of 69 votes and have a winner with 46% of the vote! Your choice to play Dusty Hayes among our 4 suggested actors is Steve Zahn!

Steve received 32 of the 69 total votes. Johnny Knoxville was next with 16 votes, Josh Holloway received 9 votes, and Owen Wilson received 6 votes. There were also 6 votes for none of our suggested actors. 

Steve has been acting for over 20 years now. His career includes appearances on multiple TV shows, mini-series, feature films, and even theatre. His TV career has included roles on Friends, Monk, and his latest show Treme on HBO. TV Mini-Series appearances include Liberty! The American Revolution, From the Earth to the Moon, and Comanche Moon. Steve's first notable movie role was in 1994's Reality Bites. More supporting roles in his early career include Crimson Tide, Suburbia, Out of Sight, and You've Got Mail. More recent films include Management, Rescue Dawn,  Sahara, and  Daddy Day Care. He has also used his voice talent in animated films and shows including Stuart Little and Phineas and Herb. In my opinion, Steve has shown he has great comic talent, but can also be a serious on-screen actor. Should he get the role of Dusty Hayes someday, I think he would be a great fit!

Our new July poll will be posted soon. This month's poll will feature your actor suggestions to play rockstar and motorcycle driver Brad Turner in our M.A.S.K. movie! This will also be our last M.A.S.K. agent. In August, we will begin polls for agents in the Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem!

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