Brad Turner Poll Results

Our July poll is officially over. Thank you M.A.S.K. movie fans for voting! With 54% of the vote, you chose James Marsden as your favorite to play Brad Turner in M.A.S.K. the movie!

Marsden received 39 votes of the total 72 votes. Garrett Hedlund received 19 votes as the runner-up and Ian Somerhalder & Orlando Bloom both received 7 votes each. No votes were cast for none of the above, which was a first since we started these actor polls this year!

Marsden is best know for his role as Cyclops in the X-men film trilogy. He has also had major roles in films such as Superman Returns, The Box, The Notebook, and 27 Dresses. His career began with supporting roles in TV shows like Ally McBeal, The Nanny, and the short lived series Second Noah in 1996-97. Other supporting roles in films include Hairspray and Enchanted for which also had singing parts.

Our next poll for the month of August will begin soon. We have completed polls for all the major M.A.S.K. agents in our movie! Time for the bad guys! Be looking for our first V.E.N.O.M. poll very soon!!

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  1. Actually for Brad, I would go for Jeremy Renner, because he actually can ride a motorcycle and play several intruments.

  2. Good call. Renner was not on our radar when we conducted the poll, but my guess would be at the top of the list if we polled again.


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