M.A.S.K. Home Video Cover Art

M.A.S.K. VHS/DVD Cover Art

I'm always fascinated with fan art. The dedication that an artist puts into drawing and designing a piece from a TV show or movie that they really love is something I rarely overlook. Back in the '80s and '90s when video stores ruled the earth, the box cover was really important in order to stand out from other movies on the shelves. Today with the streaming and digital world, it's something that I believe gets greatly overlooked.

Over the years, M.A.S.K. has been released to VHS and DVD with some really great original box art. I decided to search the internet for as much box art as I could find, including one fan's design for future box art. Here's what I found...

Here are a few VHS covers from U.K. releases. I know I've seen some claiming they are M.A.S.K. the Movie (like the middle one above.) Even though they had the "movie" title, I believe they were just a series of episodes. The cover directly above has some great detail as if taken from a screen caption.

Americans will recognize these two covers from the most recent Shout Factory! release. Both of these are really well done. The Complete Series cover has so much action and then the great statuesque poses of the two leaders. The Volume 1 cover also features some fine character detail in the uniforms and masks.

This box art is the one that Wyatt and I personally own. I believe it was originally released in the U.K. and features a detailed outline of Matt Trakker and Spectrum almost hidden in the background. This is probably my least favorite cover as it just doesn't reflect the action or vibrancy of the show.

The above cover, which is similar to the feature image of this blogpost, was taken from a South African website. I'm not sure of the region for its release, but features the highly identifiable logo with original art of Matt Trakker and Gloria Baker.

Jetix appears to have released M.A.S.K. in many regions. The art depicted in this cover seems a little off, not just with the styling but with the details of the vehicles. It does however give me an image of what M.A.S.K. might look like had it been rebooted in the last 10 years using CGI animation.

The Jetix covers above I believe were released in France, as I snagged them from a French fansite. These have some excellent detail, showing the grid-like background from the cartoon intro and also adding some very nice character and vehicle shots. The boulder hill outline in the above cover is especially nice.

This cover I believe came from the Australian DVD release. Very good detail in this cover as well, but why is Rhino shooting at Scott & T-Bob? I guess Alex and Bruce had enough of them tagging along on missions!

The above art came from the eBay U.K. website. Pretty basic shot of Thunderhawk on this box art.

The final two covers above are not actually taken from official releases. These two were done by EnricoGalli on DeviantArt and are his concept of what an Italian release would look like. Definitely some time and effort went into creating these covers and I hope for his sake that they do end up as box art someday!

Which are your favorites? Let me know in the comments. If I made any incorrect statements or if you have more information about the artists themselves, please feel free to leave that in the comments as well.