M.A.S.K. DC Comics Vol 1 Issue 1

Time to review more M.A.S.K. comic books on MASKast! Our next episode will feature an overall glimpse of the first series released in the United States by DC Comics. The 4-issue volume was published from December 1985 through March 1986. 

We invite you to dust off your copies or visit the comics section at Boulder-Hill.Net to read along with our upcoming podcast review. You can participate by voting for your favorite issue(s) in the right hand column of this blog and also by leaving comments on the blog or poll. And speaking of Boulder-Hill.Net, we'll be inviting back admin Erik to be our guest and give his unique perspective! But first, let's take a look at all four issues starting, of course, with issue #1...
Vol 1 Issue 1 
'When Opportunity Knox'

The creative team on the first issue includes inker Joe Delbeato and penciler Mike Chen with colors and letters by Shelley Eiber and Tim Harkins. The script is written by Michael Fleisher and the editor is Andrew Helfer. It was released in December 1985 for the cover price of US 75 cents. The story itself was 23 pages including a special 'Behind The Bunker' page which was a glimpse inside Boulder Hill. Some of the advertisements included a centerfold for NBC's Saturday morning cartoon lineup, a back cover ad for DC's Super Powers action figure collection, and various others for Oreo, Fig Newtons, and CBS' Saturday cartoons.

The story begins with Thunderhawk on the deck of a P.N.A. (Peaceful Nations Alliance) aircraft carrier in the Atlantic ocean. We find that Matt Trakker is helping the P.N.A. recover a sunken defense satellite. Wanting the device for themselves, V.E.N.O.M. is seen spying on Matt and trails him back to Boulder Hill for an epic battle. 
Defeated, Miles Mayhem and his agents retreat which allows Matt to take Scott and T-Bob on a promised vacation. While at a carnival, Matt is summoned to M.A.S.K. business and sends Scott "scooting" back to the hotel. Matt learns quickly from P.N.A. leader Duane that the entire gold reserve at Fort Knox has vanished. He then summons the best agents for the mission...
The team discovers a secret tunnel and then a digging machine used by Sly Rax and Cliff Dagger to steal the gold. As they manage to secure the gold from the swindlers, Matt wonders why Mayhem is nowhere to be found. With the mission complete, Matt returns to a ransacked hotel room and Scott and T-Bob seemingly kidnapped by...Mayhem.
Read the entire first issue in the comic section at Boulder-Hill.Net and then give us your feedback. Leave a comment below with your perspective of the art and story featured in DC Comics' Vol 1 Issue 1 of M.A.S.K.! Read ahead if you like or come back soon for the next post on Issue 2.

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