M.A.S.K. Episode 28: "Blackout"

Our next episode to review on MASKast will be #28 "Blackout." The plot consists of VENOM using a new vehicle called Blackout, which is capable of draining power supplies. M.A.S.K. gets a little help from T-Bob to stop V.E.N.O.M.'s rampage on electrical sources. Check out the episode stats...

AIR DATE: Nov 6, 1985
CHARACTERS: (M.A.S.K.) Matt Trakker, Bruce Sato, Alex Sector, Gloria Baker, Scott & T-Bob. (V.E.N.O.M.) Miles Mayhem, Sly Rax, Vanessa Warfield, Cliff Dagger.
VEHICLES: (M.A.S.K.) Thunderhawk, Rhino, Shark. (V.E.N.O.M.) Switchblade, Piranha, Jackhammer, Manta.

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  1. This is a good episode. It has good drama with Matt getting hurt and Scott and T-Bob barely having time to pull him away and some great action scenes. I love the use of T-Bob in this episode, and especially the determined look in his eyes when he faces Blackout. All of the sudden T-Bob is a lot braver than we are used to, and a lot braver than I would have expected him to be. An enjoyable episode!

  2. While it feels like the last couple episodes of M.A.S.K. were not the best, Blackout was definitely a top notch episode.

    The entire episode was really well animated. There was a ton of detail in the electricity reflections and throughout. I found myself really impressed at several points in the episode.

    I also thought the story was solid. The drama of having Scott rescue Matt was great and showed that Scott and T-Bob don't have to be the annoying (not so) comic relief. VENOM doesn't just give up and run at the first sign of trouble either. They launch a solid attack and only leave when their secret weapon is totally annihilated.

    Speaking of secret weapons, Blackout is just cool looking! I also loved when Miles declared that he couldn't lose anything since he ripped off the inventor instead of paying him! What a sleaze ball!

    On a different note, I noticed something weird about this episode. The opening shot for Blackout is almost an exact copy of the opening to The Magma Mole. Both episodes begin with a closeup of a snow capped mountaintop and then pull back to reveal the surrounding countryside. In fact, they both use the same music too. I didn't mind this, I just thought it was interesting.

    All in all this was an awesome episode. I gave it a 5. This is the kind of episode that really made M.A.S.K. worth watching.

    P.S. I'm glad you guys like the new logo and site design!

  3. I forgot to mention the PSA! One of the most high and mighty moments of the show. If I were the kids on the bicycle I probably would have spiked T-Bobs tire!


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