Miles Mayhem Featured In Several Variant Covers For Revolution #5

Along with revealing two covers from the M.A.S.K. series in November, IDW also showcased several variant covers for REVOLUTION #5 in it's November solicitation and also on CBR. The 5th and final issue for the series will predominantly feature Miles Mayhem on it's covers. First, take a look at the regular cover which includes a classic version of Matt Trakker and Mayhem...

The IDW solicitation gives the following synopsis for the final issue:

LAST STAND IN AUTOBOT CITY! It's all come to this - TRANSFORMERS vs. ROM vs. MICROAUTS vs. G.I. Joe vs. M.A.S.K. vs. the ultimate evil! The futures of Earth, Cybertron, and Microverse will all be changed forever by the decisions made this day.

 Now take a look at some variant covers...

The first is a subscription variant by James Biggie. Directly above is another sub cover that is similar to others already revealed for the REVOLUTION series featuring action figures, this time with Baron Karza from Micronauts and Mayhem in his updated look.

What do you think about Mayhem seemingly playing the role of "the ultimate evil" in REVOLUTION?

Images via CBR

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