MASKast 78: Treasure of the Nazca Plain Review

Season 7 of MASKast begins with Jason and Wyatt reviewing M.A.S.K. episode #61 "Treasure of the Nazca Plain." The plot for this episode features M.A.S.K. attempting to foil a plot by V.E.N.O.M. to steal a prehistoric South American treasure.

We break the ice with a look back at the Pound Puppies animated series from 1986. Then in our "Get Your M.A.S.K. On" segment, we feature Scott Crawford's MASK Comics Blogspot YouTube channel. Then we'll get into our episode review which includes our play-by-play commentary with audio clips mixed in from the actual episode. You'll get our 1-5 rating and review plus the results from our listeners poll and reviews.

YouTubers can watch our complete recording session including some pre and post show commentary on the AgentsofMASK channel or watch the embedded video below. Download this episode directly or stream from the MASKast Podcast homepage. Search "MASKast" in your favorite podcast app and subscribe!


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