Deadly Pursuit! Watch Doug Stone in an Early Live Action Movie Role!

Before and after becoming the cast of M.A.S.K., our favorite voice actors were pursuing all facets of acting, stage, and entertainment. And while M.A.S.K. may have launched actor Doug Stone into a full career of voicing animated characters, he actually appeared in several movies in Canada before moving to the United States.

As chance would have it, I recently stumbled onto a VHS copy of Deadly Pursuit while helping my Dad clean out boxes of video cassettes in his garage. Having no knowledge of movie, I flipped to the back cover and noticed someone familiar. 

"That looks like Doug Stone," I said to myself. IT IS DOUG STONE! To my surprise, the cover read that Doug Stone was the star of the movie. I did some quick Google searching and come to find out the tape was an import from a Canadian movie original titled Commando Games

I reached out to Doug on Facebook and he told me "I did plays and on-camera work in Canada before voice-over became my mainstay. This was a, 'straight-to-video' film back in the day. It played on Canadian TV a few times and then went to video. It was done on a very low budget. I believe it was shot in 1983, although it may have been 1984. The woman who played my wife ended up as my girl friend after we met doing this movie. 

I believe I did three films for that company. The other two I did with them were, Death In Hollywood and Shock Chamber. Both titles may have changed. Someone wrote a book about straight to video horror films and included Shock Chamber in it. I was interviewed for it. I did a 1/2 hr. privately funded film for the same director who did Shock Chamber, called, Transplant. I don't know where it might be available."

Doug went onto say about the films "...the budget was tiny. The sound is atrocious as is the makeup. But, it helped pay the bills, got me some credits and enabled some of my theater friends, who I introduced to the production company, to get work."

I was very grateful for him to give me some insight about the movie. What's even crazier is the tape I found in Central PA once belonged to a video rental store in Alpharetta, GA. I have no idea how it made it's way to my Dad's collection but it was a fun discovery nonetheless.

I've uploaded Deadly Pursuit to the Rediscover the '80s channel on YouTube and you can also watch it below. My transfer capabilities are not the best but it should make for some fun imagery. I was able to find Shock Chamber aka Greedy Terror on YouTube as well. I'm on hunt for the others he mentioned in our conversation so let me know if you have any information about them. Enjoy the movie!


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