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Miles Mayhem Poll Results

Our August actor poll has concluded, M.A.S.K. movie fans! Your choice to play the leader of V.E.N.O.M., Miles Mayhem, is Richard Riehle!

Thank you for contributing to poll. This was the closest margin of victory since we began doing these monthly polls back in February. Richard Riehle received 31 of the 76 total votes cast (just 40% overall.) Brain Cox was second in voting with 23 votes and 30% overall. Tom Selleck received 12 votes, Alfred Molina received 8 votes and Danny Huston received 1 vote. There was also one vote cast for "None of the Above." A couple other note worthy items about this poll. 40% of the vote was the lowest winning percentage of any of our polls (Steve Zahn won our Dusty Hayes poll with 46%.) The 76 votes cast was the 2nd highest total, only to our Bruce Sato poll back in May which received 83.

Richard Riehle has played a variety of characters in film and TV throughout his 34 years career, mostly in a supporting role. His roles have included Santa Claus in at least 3 different films, law enforcement officers in The Fugitive and Executive Decision, and also probably his most well known role of Tom Smykowski in Office Space. Riehle definitely fits the profile and stature of the Miles Mayhem in the M.A.S.K. cartoon.

WB and I are intrigued at the results of the poll. Seems to be that M.A.S.K. movie fans were a little indecisive about who to choose as the leader of V.E.N.O.M. We hope to expand on this a little more in an upcoming post to the blog. Call it, a slight curve ball of sorts, that used when we wrote our movie script. So stayed tuned for that and also our new poll for Vanessa Warfield in September!


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  1. He can definitely play him!

  2. I watch it on MASK from ‪@ShoutStudios‬❗️
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